U.S. Championship For Disabled Sailing

If one has to see the true spirit of sailing then nothing is more spectacular than sailing championship organized in the United States for disabled people.

The championship is organized by the Clearwater sailing center community and the name of the event is U.S. disabled sailing championship. The tournament is going to happen between November 18 to 20 and it will feature 12 sailors of 2.4mR, they will race in action of singlehanded. Many are expecting this event as remarkable as this event will embody true spirit of a sailor.

United State holds this championship every year and this is one of the oldest championship made for disabled sailors. The participants in championship remain disabled sailors that have been the part of Paralympic, members of United States sailing teams both old and new. In addition to them some fresh face is also seen championship.

Moreover, the tournament provides big exposure to disabled sailors and many who have shown their talent in disables championship has become the part of Paralympic. Nick Scandone who won gold medal in 2008 Paralympic has also played for this championship. Silver medalist in Paralympic 2012 Jennifer French also took part in disabled championship of the United States.

Athletes from all over the United States will join this championship and will compete for the Judd Goldman Trophy. The trophy was donated by Peter Goldman in the felicitation of Judd Goldman, who was physically disabled, but never compromised with it when it comes to sailing. All preparation for the event is almost done and players are on their high spirit to come and participate in this tournament. A member of the management committee of the event says “This championship is not only a tournament for disabled, but also it is an inspiration for so many that has physical disability and they want to do something”.