Spithill In Coastal Classic Race

Jimmy Spithill is known to be a helmsman as well as skipper of the Australian crew and is known for his competitive nature.

He has recently expressed his interest to take part in the PIC Insurance Coastal Classic race. The chance comes to him on October 20th when he would be racing with Frank Racing on the Orma 60 trimaran.

His career is not without controversy as his sailing with Kiwi members has been all but smooth sailing. He has definitely been a controversial yachtie of Australian origin. However, now that he had set his mind to it, he would be sailing with a Kiwi crew on a New Zealand boat that would be racing up the east coast of Northland. Spithill has proven his skills and abilities when he won the America’s Cup twice, once being part of the Oracle Team USA in the year 2013 while the other time it was for BMW Oracle Racing in the year 2010.

Jimmy Spithill was in action recently as well when he took part in this year’s America’s Cup that was held in Bermuda in the month of June. Being part of the Oracle Team USA he lost out to his country’s team this year, which was the 35th version of the America’s Cup that was in Bermuda. It surprises many who now hear that he would be part of the offshore sailing race which will be from Devonport Wharf and sail into the Bay of Islands which is known as the PIC Insurance Brokers Coastal Classic. The Frank Racing team will have him on the crew. The boat which is Orma 60 trimaran is known to have broken the race record when it sailed the drag race, which lasted five hours 13 minutes and comprised of 119 nautical miles. The race will have about 150 boats competing in total.